Eros and Psyche Part I: The meeting

” She was in her bed crying after watching a movie about men being driven by lust when she suddenly felt a strong and protective masculine arm arround her neck. The sound of the arm moving between her neck and the pillow was very real and loud, louder than normal, almost amplified.She was so surprised and terrified by this invisible presence that she would step out of her bed and run away from the unexpected situation but something in her, a powerful loving voice, was telling her to stay and so she did.
A few minutes later she began to feel a potent wave of unconditional love which was comforting and supporting her and stopped her cry. Who was this masculine presence? was it an angel taking care of her? or was it a lover from another dimension? She remained wondering all the possibilities for the following days until a book was recommended to her by a friend she genuinely trusted : ” Cupid’s Poisioned arrow”
The book was about tantric sex -or healthy sexual relationships- Since she started to read, she immediately fell in love with every word of every sentence of almost every page so her consciousness was totally impregnated with the teachings of the book.”



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