Eros and Psyche Part II: The sexual encounter

” Once her consciousness was impregnated with the teachings of the book – Cupid’s poisoned arrow- things really started to change. Another night, while laying on her bed, she noticed a masculine loving hand caressing her cheek. She wasn’t afraid anymore, so she allowed herself to be receptive and go deep into the experience.

She noticed his hand was now tenderly caressing her hair, her arms, her legs…

In some way, he was the perfect lover. Tender, loving, caring…he respected and loved her, or at least, that was her feeling about his presence. Now he was much closer. She could even feel his entire masculine body on her’s with his hands on her back. Suddenly she began to feel a wave of electric energy moving from between her legs and moving upwards . At this moment, she had a subtile  tingeling  feeling in her genitals and she became totally receptive to her invisible lover.

His body was in her’s now. Though he didn’t move much and remained almost still inside her, the energy was flowing strongly. She could feel every little palpitation in his ghostly penis and hear his heart beatting synchronized with her’s. A tremendous amount of energy was redirected to her crown area and she was now able to see flashes of light and hear beautiful flute-like melodies from her inner world.

The following days he included more movement in the intercourse. The energy was powerful and electric and even other people could notice changes in her aura or vital energy. Though there was more movement, he seemed to have forgotten the cuddling part she adored in their first encounter and that made her a little upset. Was her lover unable to love her now that he ” got what he wanted” ( intercourse) ? Her genitals were acting like a flower who opens herself to the new spring and she couldn’t do anything to stop the experience. It could have been felt as a rape but the same inner voice that reassured her the first time comforted her again.

After a few times, she was able to experience a healing of some of the areas that were damaged from past relationships and lifetimes. It felt as if his hand could reach her heart and pull out all of the dirt and arrows that were there for too long.

Electric charges with incredible bursts of creativity and a feeling of completeness was growing in her. Sadly, Eros seemed to disappear once in a while for sometimes long periods of time and caused her, with his abscence, to struggle with strong energetic discharge that would be felt as intense fatigue and tiredness.”

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