I feel saddenly passionate (My first creation)

Beautiful words…!


Today guys, life has made me feel this new emotion, this passion and love and lust, but it;s not happy, it;s a sad version of it, a copy that’s be rewritten and typed in sadness. I feel saddenly passionate, I shouldn’t be feel saddenly passion, I should feel just passionate so I can provide the woman I love good feelings but I don’t because I want to be with her so badly, every second of every day and every lonely night I want to be with her, I want to cuddle with her and caress her soft skin, feeling the warmth of our two bodies rise up and cause us to melt into eachother, I want to kiss her, kiss her so deeply and passionately and tenderly, I want to taste her soft lips, feel them, be with them, I want me and her to come together and be one…

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