Strange adolescent dream

” She just turned thirteen last week. However, she lost her childhood a long time ago already. Her menstruation came visit her two winters ago while all her friends were still playing houses. She was used to be mistaken for a woman due to her height and feminine body. It used to be the opposite in her ” young years ” before the monster came to transform her. Before she was turned into a desirable object for all those grown-ups who couldn’t stop staring at her premature curves. She used to be mistaken for a little boy. Her dad cut her hair very short and her face was sharp. It seemed as she could never be what she was inside, she was a slave of her image in some sort.

Then came a day when during her afternoon nap, a very strange dream disturbed her innocence. Suddenly, she found herself trapped into a cage with lots of people staring at her. A snake was there, in a corner of the cage, with her. But the snake didn’t frighten her.

A few minutes later something would change her life forever. At only thirteen, she never even kissed a boy yet and she was still a virgin. However, what had to happen, happened. The snake approched her body and penetrated her.


There she was, trapped in a cage with a snake in her vagina and every body looking at her. She was ashamed. She could never tell that dream to anyone.

She was not a virgin anymore. ”



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