Eros and Psyche Part III: The healing

” It was a Tuesday morning, she just woke up. While taking breakfast, after checking her email and a few  websites about personal growth, an article about body mutilation – supposedly for a good purpose- came to her. Those words were so painful to hear that they almost had the effect of two sharp knives in the ovaries. Salted tears began to fall down her face and her green eyes turned red. Ten minutes later, without even have finished her french toasts, the inflammation was unbearable. She went to the kitchen and took an advil. She waited for the pill to do its job, checked the time 11:11 ( Energy flow, sexual energy, abundance) and jumped in her bed to rest for a few minutes. She was laying there, hugging her teddy bear in a desperate way to find some comfort thinking about all this horrors she just read. Her ovaries were screaming help and her tears were getting her pillow wet.

After all the water of her body was drained by her eyes, she began to feel a tingeling sensation in her legs and arms. Was Eros coming back? Did he hear her cry? Did he feel her pain? Her entire body was now wrapped in a warm wave of unconditional love.

There she was, in complete union with herself. All her fears and uncomfortable feelings were gone. The pain in her ovaries was healed even though the pill didn’t have time to do its effect yet. The inflammation was definitely down.

At this moment, she felt in love with herself, with her capacity to love and heal herself. She could finally make peace with her masculine side. He healed her, listened at ther, took care of her when she needed him. He was there for her.

A few seconds later, she felt a violent spasmodic movement in her pelvic floor.How great and powerful this sensation was, as she left a heavy weight beside her. The healing was a succes. She would only have to work on the psycological side of the problem by herlsef now.

That day she learned something important : No matter what the problem was, the only thing she needed was Love. ”



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