The Art of Loving

“Thus far I have spoken of Love as the overcoming of human  separateness, as the fulfilment og the longing for union.But above the universal, existential need for union rises a more specific biological one: the desire for union between the masculine and feminine poles.The idea of this polarisation is most strikingly expressed in the myth that originally man and woman were one, that they were cut in half, and from then on each male has been seeking for the lost female part of himself in order to uniteagain with her.( The same idea of the original unity of the sexes is also contained in the Biblical story of Eve being made from Adam’s rib, even though in the story, in the spirit of patriarchalism, woman is considered secondary to man. The meaning of the myth is clear enough. Sexual polarisation leads man to seek union in a specific way, that of union with the other sex. The polarity between male and female principles exists also within each man and each woman.Just as physiologically man and woman each have hormones of the opposite sex, they are bisexual also in the psychological sense. Man -and woman- finds union within himself only in the union of his female and his male polarity.This polarity is the basis for all creativity. In the love between man and woman, each of them is reborn.”

The Art of Loving – Erich Fromm




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