(505) – A New Home

The Better Man Project ™

I finally made it. All moved in to my place in downtown LA. An opportunity to start fresh and create whatever I want to. It’s an incredible feeling really…walking the streets and not knowing anyone. But as I have said before, from nothing…you can create everything. And that is why I am so excited about this opportunity. We can get stuck in our habits and daily routines…but when you remove yourself from the normal, good lord do those things go right out the window. Might be a solid argument for the effects of nature on our mind? I think so.


So what am I up to? Well, besides running the online presence for a new technology startup which I will announce soon (you will like it…just think Yelp + LinkedIn for complex products) and helping my roommate, an up and coming rapper with his social media game…I am here to…

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