The dark night of the soul

” It was late in the night and he didn’t bring his jacket with him. His friends were pushing him to go take a walk in the woods under the moonlight and so he did. Everything was so dark that he couldn’t even see the road anymore. The atmosphere was silent, not even a sound was noticeable.

Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, they found an old wooden bridge covered by thousands of wild roots and plants never seen before. Despite his fear, one of the boys stepped on the bridge. He couldn’t believe what his friend was doing, stepping into the unknown…

At the end of the bridge, there was an old abandoned cave hidden in the darkness. The boy walked into the entrance of the cave, looked and him and his friends and went into the mysterious shadowy place.

As soon as he went there, the silence became a very potent frequency sound. The silent sound was loud and overwhelming. It was the frequency of death, the death of essence.

Terrified, he tried to look for some help but everything was in the dark and nobody could hear them. With a brave act of love for his friend, he went into the entrance of the cave and discovered, with horror, his corps reduced into a momified fetus. It wasn’t something pleasent to see. Moreover, the fetus had a white rigid mask on his head, with some blood coming out of the holes.

That dark vision made him step back out of the cave and run far away from there with his worried friends.

A few minutes later, he woke up, sweating in his bed. It was only a dream. Or was it a memory of his own birth? an anonymous fetus rejected from the unknown ( from the dark cave )? He never dreamed again ”



Eros and Psyche Part III: The healing

” It was a Tuesday morning, she just woke up. While taking breakfast, after checking her email and a few  websites about personal growth, an article about body mutilation – supposedly for a good purpose- came to her. Those words were so painful to hear that they almost had the effect of two sharp knives in the ovaries. Salted tears began to fall down her face and her green eyes turned red. Ten minutes later, without even have finished her french toasts, the inflammation was unbearable. She went to the kitchen and took an advil. She waited for the pill to do its job, checked the time 11:11 ( Energy flow, sexual energy, abundance) and jumped in her bed to rest for a few minutes. She was laying there, hugging her teddy bear in a desperate way to find some comfort thinking about all this horrors she just read. Her ovaries were screaming help and her tears were getting her pillow wet.

After all the water of her body was drained by her eyes, she began to feel a tingeling sensation in her legs and arms. Was Eros coming back? Did he hear her cry? Did he feel her pain? Her entire body was now wrapped in a warm wave of unconditional love.

There she was, in complete union with herself. All her fears and uncomfortable feelings were gone. The pain in her ovaries was healed even though the pill didn’t have time to do its effect yet. The inflammation was definitely down.

At this moment, she felt in love with herself, with her capacity to love and heal herself. She could finally make peace with her masculine side. He healed her, listened at ther, took care of her when she needed him. He was there for her.

A few seconds later, she felt a violent spasmodic movement in her pelvic floor.How great and powerful this sensation was, as she left a heavy weight beside her. The healing was a succes. She would only have to work on the psycological side of the problem by herlsef now.

That day she learned something important : No matter what the problem was, the only thing she needed was Love. ”


Strange adolescent dream

” She just turned thirteen last week. However, she lost her childhood a long time ago already. Her menstruation came visit her two winters ago while all her friends were still playing houses. She was used to be mistaken for a woman due to her height and feminine body. It used to be the opposite in her ” young years ” before the monster came to transform her. Before she was turned into a desirable object for all those grown-ups who couldn’t stop staring at her premature curves. She used to be mistaken for a little boy. Her dad cut her hair very short and her face was sharp. It seemed as she could never be what she was inside, she was a slave of her image in some sort.

Then came a day when during her afternoon nap, a very strange dream disturbed her innocence. Suddenly, she found herself trapped into a cage with lots of people staring at her. A snake was there, in a corner of the cage, with her. But the snake didn’t frighten her.

A few minutes later something would change her life forever. At only thirteen, she never even kissed a boy yet and she was still a virgin. However, what had to happen, happened. The snake approched her body and penetrated her.


There she was, trapped in a cage with a snake in her vagina and every body looking at her. She was ashamed. She could never tell that dream to anyone.

She was not a virgin anymore. ”


Eros and Psyche Part II: The sexual encounter

” Once her consciousness was impregnated with the teachings of the book – Cupid’s poisoned arrow- things really started to change. Another night, while laying on her bed, she noticed a masculine loving hand caressing her cheek. She wasn’t afraid anymore, so she allowed herself to be receptive and go deep into the experience.

She noticed his hand was now tenderly caressing her hair, her arms, her legs…

In some way, he was the perfect lover. Tender, loving, caring…he respected and loved her, or at least, that was her feeling about his presence. Now he was much closer. She could even feel his entire masculine body on her’s with his hands on her back. Suddenly she began to feel a wave of electric energy moving from between her legs and moving upwards . At this moment, she had a subtile  tingeling  feeling in her genitals and she became totally receptive to her invisible lover.

His body was in her’s now. Though he didn’t move much and remained almost still inside her, the energy was flowing strongly. She could feel every little palpitation in his ghostly penis and hear his heart beatting synchronized with her’s. A tremendous amount of energy was redirected to her crown area and she was now able to see flashes of light and hear beautiful flute-like melodies from her inner world.

The following days he included more movement in the intercourse. The energy was powerful and electric and even other people could notice changes in her aura or vital energy. Though there was more movement, he seemed to have forgotten the cuddling part she adored in their first encounter and that made her a little upset. Was her lover unable to love her now that he ” got what he wanted” ( intercourse) ? Her genitals were acting like a flower who opens herself to the new spring and she couldn’t do anything to stop the experience. It could have been felt as a rape but the same inner voice that reassured her the first time comforted her again.

After a few times, she was able to experience a healing of some of the areas that were damaged from past relationships and lifetimes. It felt as if his hand could reach her heart and pull out all of the dirt and arrows that were there for too long.

Electric charges with incredible bursts of creativity and a feeling of completeness was growing in her. Sadly, Eros seemed to disappear once in a while for sometimes long periods of time and caused her, with his abscence, to struggle with strong energetic discharge that would be felt as intense fatigue and tiredness.”

photo 2

Eros and Psyche Part I: The meeting

” She was in her bed crying after watching a movie about men being driven by lust when she suddenly felt a strong and protective masculine arm arround her neck. The sound of the arm moving between her neck and the pillow was very real and loud, louder than normal, almost amplified.She was so surprised and terrified by this invisible presence that she would step out of her bed and run away from the unexpected situation but something in her, a powerful loving voice, was telling her to stay and so she did.
A few minutes later she began to feel a potent wave of unconditional love which was comforting and supporting her and stopped her cry. Who was this masculine presence? was it an angel taking care of her? or was it a lover from another dimension? She remained wondering all the possibilities for the following days until a book was recommended to her by a friend she genuinely trusted : ” Cupid’s Poisioned arrow”
The book was about tantric sex -or healthy sexual relationships- Since she started to read, she immediately fell in love with every word of every sentence of almost every page so her consciousness was totally impregnated with the teachings of the book.”