Menstruation is sacred beautiful lunar ancient holy female power!

Menstruation is sacred beautiful lunar ancient holy female power!

The ‘lost’ power of the Goddesses


Sacred menstruation,reclaiming our wise blood, mother of all living beings

Sacred menstruation,reclaiming our wise blood, mother of all living beings

Incredible Feminine power suppressed with patriarchy

Prefabricated life from birth to death

“From birth to death,from Monday to Monday, from morning to evening, all activities are routinised, and prefabricated. How should a human being caught in this net of routine not forget that he is a human being, a unique individual, one who is given only this one chance og living, with hopes and disappointments, with sorrow and fear, with the longing for love and the dread of the nothing and of separateness?”


The dark night of the soul

” It was late in the night and he didn’t bring his jacket with him. His friends were pushing him to go take a walk in the woods under the moonlight and so he did. Everything was so dark that he couldn’t even see the road anymore. The atmosphere was silent, not even a sound was noticeable.

Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, they found an old wooden bridge covered by thousands of wild roots and plants never seen before. Despite his fear, one of the boys stepped on the bridge. He couldn’t believe what his friend was doing, stepping into the unknown…

At the end of the bridge, there was an old abandoned cave hidden in the darkness. The boy walked into the entrance of the cave, looked and him and his friends and went into the mysterious shadowy place.

As soon as he went there, the silence became a very potent frequency sound. The silent sound was loud and overwhelming. It was the frequency of death, the death of essence.

Terrified, he tried to look for some help but everything was in the dark and nobody could hear them. With a brave act of love for his friend, he went into the entrance of the cave and discovered, with horror, his corps reduced into a momified fetus. It wasn’t something pleasent to see. Moreover, the fetus had a white rigid mask on his head, with some blood coming out of the holes.

That dark vision made him step back out of the cave and run far away from there with his worried friends.

A few minutes later, he woke up, sweating in his bed. It was only a dream. Or was it a memory of his own birth? an anonymous fetus rejected from the unknown ( from the dark cave )? He never dreamed again ”


A volcano in eruption!

For some reason, it seems like the new energies in my body produce annoying symptoms similar to those from a volcanic activity. Skin eruptions were the first akward manifestation as rashes, bumps and acne which doesn’t respond to any treatment and can last for a while… It could be the healing of an episode of my past and may be sloughing off toxins and bringing emotions to the surface. When there is an issue to be released and one try to repress it, the skin will express the issue until we process the emotions. ( Can’t forget to mention my huge menstrual disorders as well  which could also be related to this problem – I might not be paying attention enough or receiving energy in the reproductive organs since my sexuality is totally unactive-)

I’ve also been experiencing energy and creativity bursts like feeling waves or currents of energy rolling through my body, a “vibration” or ” bubbles moving through my heart area, a flu-like symptom for 3months and a half ( which was really annoying), involuntary bodily movements, feeling a “heat” entering my feet ( that was a little painful and was probably a deep healing of a certain area of my body), electric charge and discharge ( which could be extremely overwhelming or very exhausting in the case of a prolonged discharge),receiving images, flashes of light, music, messages and inspirational thoughts and finally intense and sudden sexual desire with almost spontaneous orgasms also accompanied with powerful electrical charge.

Nausea was often experienced by certain periods of exhaustion and tiredness as well.Image